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Getting started with a course blog for historians

WordPress 101

Tasks for a WordPress 101 Workshop

1. Open a WordPress account (choose username, password). Choose Basic = $0

2. Create a blog by choosing a URL – it will be http:// [yoursomething] This is not the same thing as the TITLE of your blog, which you can set later.

3. Confirm & activate your blog by going to the email you used to open your WP account and click to activate.

4. You now have a basic bare blog at your selected URL. Keep it open in one tab while you work in the Dashboard in another tab.

5. Begin with some customizations in the Dashboard tab (check results by updating/saving in Dashboard and then refreshing the blog’s tab):

  • change the blog title and tagline (Settings –> General)
  • decide on your public v. private settings, and add your prof as a follower or viewer (Settings –> Reading)
  • add an image to your profile and decide how your name will show up on the blog (Users –> My Profile)
  • decide on a theme (Appearance –> Theme)
  • add some widgets to your new theme, if it has a sidebar enabled (Appearance –> Widgets)

6. Learn about Posts: edit the default post and/or make a new one including: a hyperlink, an image, and an embedded video

  • Try setting a post to auto-publish at a later date/time
  • Add categories or tags to a post
  • Under All Posts –> Quick Edit, enable or disable comments on a post

7. Learn about Media: upload a file to the media library and link to it from elsewhere on the blog (like in a sidebar, post or page)

8. Learn about Pages: edit your “About page” and create a new page


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